010 - Networking Tips - How to Not Get Lost For Words!


Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs!  How to never be lost for words again with these simple networking conversation starters!

Imagine the scene...

You walk into a room FULL of business owners dressed in their best and milling around drinking coffee and huddling in groups chatting with each other...

What do you do?!  Does your mouth go dry and fear overcome you?

Instead of running for the hills, remember this simple trick to easily spark a conversation with anyone - no matter their position, business or industry!

* Let me know your favourite networking tips or conversation starters in the comments! *

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009 - Young Entrepreneurship & Social Media for Your Business with Reece Lyons

Discover how Reece Lyons, Founder of SendPilot, started his entrepreneurial journey at just 14 as we discuss all things business and social media!

Highlights of this episode include:

  • How to start a business when you’re just 14!

  • Why following your passion isn’t the REAL reason you should start a business

  • How to find what industry to go into business in

  • Discover how to smash through blocks that are keeping you from getting started

  • Utilising networking for support and referrals

  • Tips on how to get your first customers

  • How to promote your blog post and turn them into social media posts

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#006 - The Anatomy of a Great Sales Page with Simon Goodchild

The Anatomy of a Great Sales Page

Ever wondered what really goes into making a high converting sales page?

In this episode of the Notton House Academy Podcast, I'm talking with Simon Goodchild about the anatomy of a great sales page!

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In this episode....

-> Find out the 10 Conversion Secrets that every sales page must have
-> Learn the basics of what a sales page is, who needs one and what they can do for your business
-> Did you know there 4 types of customers?  Simon explains which ones you want (& which you don't!)
-> We discuss the benefits of long form and short form sales pages too - which ones to use and when!  And yes, there is a strategy to this!

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#005 - What Does it Take to be an Entrepreneur? - With Guest Expert Karyl Iles

What Does it Take to be an Entrepreneur?

Dig in to the motivation & mindset of being an entrepreneur with Lesley Notton & Karyl Iyles.

-> Discover how to reach your full potential
-> Find out how to step out of your comfort zone
-> Why it's NOT about confidence and what it is REALLY ABOUT
-> Karyl's top tips on speaking to an audience (even if you're petrified!)
-> Why entrepreneurship isn't about who you are now, it's about the person you will become

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#004 - How to Make More Sales with Lead Magnets

What is Lead Magnet & why do YOU need one?

-> What really is a LEAD?
-> Discover the different types of leads and how you can connect with them
-> How to convert leads in to PAYING customers
-> Types of Lead Magnets you can use in your business
-> How to create a KILLER LEAD MAGNET
-> Why email marketing is 3x better than social media marketing
-> 11 benefits of Lead Magnets for your business

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#002 - Online Visibility Tips for Small Business Owners with Nicole Ashby

Get your business more exposure and become visible in your industry!

Guest Speaker Nicole Ashby, Founder of High Profit Media shares her tips and strategies for building your empire by utilising the media and PR.

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#001 - 10 Tips to Growing Your Email List

The Notton House Academy Podcast has launched!

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The money IS in the list - but how do you grow your email list?  

In the first ever episode of the Notton House Academy Podcast, we dive straight in and I'll share with you my top 10 tips for building your mailing list!

Simple, actionable techniques that you can start using, TODAY!