Membership terms

These terms and conditions, together with the Privacy Policy will govern your Membership Service with Notton House Academy. Please also see the Notton House Academy Website Terms and Conditions which will govern your use of this website.


“Website” shall mean and include all the materials, text, information, concepts, program materials, photographic images, narrative, music, design, videos or any other content generally viewable by Visitors on and through which Members may access the Membership Service.

“Company” refers to Notton House Academy, owner of the Website.

“Us” or “we” or “our” refers to the Company.

“Visitor” is someone that merely visits or browses our Website.

“Member” has the meaning set forth in the Membership Agreement

“User” is a collective identifier that refers to either a Visitor or a Member.

“You” or “Your(s)” refers to you as a Visitor, Member or User.

“Membership Service” shall mean and include all the text, materials, concepts, music, program materials, photographic images, manuals, narratives, design, graphics, videos or any other content accessible and available exclusively to Members and containing Content for which a Member pays the Company a Membership Fee.

“Membership Fee” shall mean the monthly or annual Fee paid to the Company by a Member

“Membership Agreement” shall mean an agreement by and between a Member and the Company governing a Member’s access to Content in consideration of the payment of a Membership Fee.

“Content” shall mean that Content accessible through and identified as such on the Website that is available solely exclusively to Members as a part of the Membership Service.

“Content” shall mean any all text, music, information, materials, concepts, program materials, photographic images, manuals, narratives, design, graphics, videos or any other content offered by the Company on or in Website or Service (including any Blog), but excluding Member Content

“Blog” shall mean that portion of the Company’s Website containing the Company representative’s experiences, observations, narratives, videos, photographic images or graphics or containing links to other websites, available publicly.

“Terms of Use” or “Terms” or “Terms and Conditions” shall mean these rules, regulations, restrictions, policies and limitations respecting access to and use of the Website by Users and by Members with respect to the Membership Service and any Content.

Membership Service Details

All applications for the Membership Service of Notton House Academy are to be made via our Membership Page.  By submitting the application form online, the Member is deemed to have signed the application form. 

On completion of an application form and successful payment, each new Member will receive an email which will contain their login information.

On acceptance of the Membership application by Notton House Academy, Members shall be bound during the continuance of Membership by these Terms and Conditions including any amendments made in accordance with the procedure set out below.

Notton House Academy reserves the right always and in its absolute discretion to determine the number of Members in Notton House Academy and may accept or reject applications for Membership as it feels fit to ensure the best practice of Notton House Academy.

The monthly Membership Fee is £35.00.  The yearly Membership Fee is £399.00

The Membership Service is on a rolling monthly or yearly basis as per your subscription.  

The Membership Fee is to be paid monthly or yearly on or around the same date each month.

Failure to pay Membership Fee on time may result in termination of the Membership Service & refusal to any events included in the Membership Service.

All Membership Fees are payable in GBP, with preferred payment being an online payment via Stripe or PayPal. 

Notton House Academy reserves the right to increase Membership Fees in any manner, at any time or from time to time, as it may in its sole discretion. Unless otherwise provided for in these Terms and Conditions, any price changes will take effect only after email notice to a Member and only become effective commencing at the start of the next billing cycle.

Members agree to not disclose any Content or any Confidential Information to any third party.  Members also agree not to allow any third-party access to their account and the information and Content within.

Terminating the Membership Service

Notton House Academy reserves the right to expel Members or to prevent any Member from participating in any Event or from renewing the Membership Service if the Member puts the organisation into disrepute or if a Member continuously fails to attend events which she has signed up to or if the Member is misusing the Membership Service of Notton House Academy, it’s clubs, forums, groups and or other Members in any way.

A Member reserves the right to terminate its account at any time (per the instructions on the Website for cancellation) provided however, that any Membership Fees previously paid will not be refunded. In the event of such termination, the Member will continue to have access to Notton House Academy for the balance of the then remaining Term.  We regret that we are unable to give refunds in any circumstances of Membership Fees.

Membership Service Breaks

Pre-arranged Membership Service breaks can be arranged at the discretion of the Notton House Academy team in the circumstances such as maternity, long term illness or extended holiday and the Membership Service may be reinstated on the original terms.

If a Membership Service is terminated without a pre-arranged break and the Member wishes to reinstate their Membership Service, then this will be at new terms and at a higher monthly rate if Membership Fees have increased.

Members agree to comply with any necessary health and safety regulations applicable to any Event attended.

Members Area

Members can create their own personal login and password details to enter the Notton House Academy Members Area of the Website.  

Within the exclusive Members Area, Members will have access to a directory of online courses, education and training.

If you are unable to login or access the Members Area, or you forget your login or password, you can contact the website administrator by emailing [email protected]

Information held on the Notton House Academy Members Area pages is subject to the Notton House Academy Privacy Policy.

Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Membership Service number, login details and passwords, and for all activities that occur under their Membership Service number, login details and passwords.

Notton House Academy grants Members a non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable, non-assignable, personal, right to access and view content within the Members Area.

The Member acknowledges that its access rights do not include any ownership rights to any Content or any right to redistribute or re-license or sub-license its rights to access Content to any other party and agrees to not grant access to Content to any third party by providing access to a Member’s user ID. login or password information to any such third party.

Member will use all reasonable efforts to provide Notton House Academy with written notice within seven (7) days in the event that its user ID, login or password information is compromised.

The Member acknowledges that the rights granted herein specifically do not include the right to publicly or privately display or use or grant access to the Membership Service or any Content to co-workers, friends, family, strangers, students, employees, or any other persons.


Members will be informed of forthcoming Members Events by email or on the Website.

Members can confirm attendance of an event via Event on Facebook. Confirmation is not essential but would be appreciated out of courtesy to allow for providing suitable provisions at the relevant venue.

Members shall not hold Notton House Academy responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for the cancellation for whatever reason of an Event.

Variation of Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions may be revised from time to time. If they are revised, we will post the revised version on the Website and email you to let you know of the changes. It will be your responsibility to keep up-to date with all such changes, and your Membership Service renewal and continued use of the Website shall be deemed acceptance of any changes to these terms and conditions.

Data Protection and Intellectual Property

We will respect the privacy of your data which you supply to us in accordance with our Privacy Policy and forms part of these terms and conditions, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other applicable data protection legislation. You agree that it is your responsibility to keep your data accurate and up to date and to send us new or revised data where appropriate. You further agree that we may use your data as set out in our Privacy Policy.

It is your responsibility to keep your password, Membership Service number and log-in details confidential and use the security devices offered. Our security measures depend on you complying with this obligation and we are not responsible for any breach of your privacy due to your failure either to keep your password / Membership Service number secure or to use the other security devices correctly.

We will use your data to administer your Membership Service and Events you attend. When you attend an Event, your name may be included on a delegate list. Where you obtain information about other Members you must use this in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Other Members may also use the personal data you make available in the Outsource Your Work section of the Website.

Do not make any information public which you do not want other Members or Non-Members to see as this is a public area.

If you have a concern about how another Member is using your personal data, or if you think it is being used in breach of these terms, please contact [email protected]

You acknowledge that the internet is not a completely secure medium, and we therefore cannot be responsible for breaches of security arising out of intentional and/or unauthorised attempts to access the Website, for example, by computer hackers. In addition, we are not responsible for the use made of your personal data by other Members or Non-Members who access it through the Website.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and all disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.