Facebook Page Optimisation Checklist

Is your Facebook Page fully optimised?

Facebook has a way of sneaking in a ton of features and not telling you about them!

Use this handy checklist and optimise your Facebook Page to it's full potential!


Facebook Page Checklist

How to Create a Killer About Me Page - Infographic & Checklist

Is your About Me page up to scratch?  Does it showcase you in your best light and, more importantly, communicate and speak to your ideal clients?

Download this gorgeous infographic and the corresponding checklist (with extra tips!) and let's get started!

About Me Page - Notton House Academy.png

About Me Page Infographic & Checklist

Blog Post Publishing Checklist

So, you've written an amazing blog post and published it on your blog - now what do you do?

Where do you share your blog post?

Well, it's no point having an amazing blog post if no-one sees it, so follow the steps I've provided in this checklist to get your post in front of as many people as possible and grow your audience!


Blog Post Publishing Checklist