Email Scripts #1 - Service-Based Businesses

If you are a service-based business (Coach, Mentor, Bookkeeper, Animal Trainer, Network Marketer, Pr Agency etc) then this collection of pre-written email scripts could be just what you've been looking for! 

This series of 10 email templates have been carefully crafted for those in the service industries to welcome, connect with, engage and add value to their email subscribers.  

Simply download the templates, adjust anything highlighted in yellow to suit your industry and fill in the blanks!

Add these email templates to your email autoresponder and relax!

Feedback, Testimonials & Reviews Worksheet

Sometimes, it can be really difficult to know what to ask for when trying to get a testimonial from a client or customer.  This worksheet not only gives you a ton of example questions to give you inspiration, but also takes you through the process of outlining your testimonials, defining a schedule & more!


Feedback Testimonials & Reviews Worksheet

How to Create a Killer About Me Page - Infographic & Checklist

Is your About Me page up to scratch?  Does it showcase you in your best light and, more importantly, communicate and speak to your ideal clients?

Download this gorgeous infographic and the corresponding checklist (with extra tips!) and let's get started!

About Me Page - Notton House Academy.png

About Me Page Infographic & Checklist

30 Marketing Ideas Cheatsheet

Do you ever get stuck on how to promote your business?

Whether you're a long-standing company or you're just starting out in business, this cheatsheet is a must read.  It has 30 ideas to market your business that can you refer back to at any time.  Simply pick one and get started!


30 Marketing Ideas Cheatsheet

Client Avatar Workbook

Figuring out your who your ideal client is, is one thing.  Knowing your Client Avatar is a whole other ball game. 

In this workbook, you'll learn the difference between the two and I'll take you step by step through how to define your Client Avatars - plural!


Client Avatar Workbook

Desktop Backgrounds - Motivational

Have you ever sat at desk and your mind has gone blank?

Do you ever feel like you need a little extra motivation in your business?

I've created some beautiful motivational desktop backgrounds to remind you that you are not alone!

Notton House Academy Desktop Backgrounds Set 1 PC-MAC.jpg

Download this set of inspiring wallpapers and make them your homescreen for your PC or Mac!

Weekly Business Planner

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the mountain of work you need to complete each week, studies prove that planning out your week in advance can help.

Use our Weekly Business Planner to list your 'must do' tasks!

Download this template & print at home!

Included are 4 sheets, named Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 & Week 4 to keep you on track each week onf the month!  At the start of a new month, smply print the another set!


Fresh & Organised


Sophistaced Grey


Perfectly Pink