Congratulations!  You're on the last module!

These last 5 modules have been a whirlwind of learning and growing and hopefully by now you have started to get some new subscribers on your email list!

Anyone who promises you thousands of email subscribers in a week is a liar.  Or they are doing something dodgy and quite likely illegal – trust me, I’ve seen some weird things out there!

With email lists, most of the time, you need to be the tortoise, not the hare!

 7053292 - turtle winning the race against a rabbit

You need to nurture and grow your list steadily and work to come up with new incentives regularly!

Module Five is all about Expansion.

We’ve got our email list and our first set of subscribers, now it’s time to grow!

The methods I’m going to teach you here are the only methods that reliably work.

These are the ways that all the top marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs build their email lists.

And I’m giving them to you completely for free!

Full transparency here, you will need to spend money.  But I’m not talking thousands of pounds – I’m not even talking about hundreds of pounds!

But you will need some money to grow your business.  That is just common sense.  It’s the right way to do things.  It’s the legal way to do things.  And it will build you a better, sustainable and profitable business.

If you’re serious about building a successful and profitable business and growing your email list to make more sales, then you’ve got to be in this 100%.  And spending £100 on your business now, will bring you much more in the future!

Sound good?

Great!  Let’s get going!

To enable your business to grow, you need to get in front of as many people as possible.

There are many ways to do that – blogging is a great one, networking is another.

Other options are

  • SEO
  • Post on social media
  • Backlinking
  • Guest blogging
  • Interview people in your industry
  • Comment on forums
  • Get involved in Facebook / LinkedIn groups
  • Use aggregator sites
  • Speed up your website

There are tons more ideas too, but the problem is - these all take time.

If you’re anything like me, you want and need your business to be successful – and that means profitable – NOW.  Sometimes, we don't like being a tortoise all the time!

In this module, I’m going to show you 5 ways to skyrocket your email list and get more subscribers!

  • Unique Content Upgrades
  • Webinars or Q&A Sessions
  • Facebook Ads
  • Contest / Giveaways
  • Quora

Unique Content Upgrades

These are signup forms (aka opt-in forms) which are specifically created for a piece of content on your website or blog.  See that black box - that's my content upgrade.  You can make them as simple & discreet or as obvious as you like!  I mix it up a bit with mine so they aren't annoying!

content upgrade_1.JPG

Each content upgrade is unique to the page it is posted on.

Let’s say your business is about healthy eating.  You may have a blog post (or plan to write one) about healthy juices and smoothies to ensure you get your 5 a day.  Your content upgrade in this instance could be a weekly fruit & veg checklist so you can mark off each time you’ve had some.  Or you could create an eBook with a variety of recipes in for juices and smoothies.

Content upgrades convert really well (ie more people click on them to enter their details) as they are already interested in the blog post or web page and the opt-in form is easily accessible and prominent.

Webinars or Q&A Sessions

Holding webinars are less scary than you think!  If you’re nervous about being on camera yourself, don’t be!  You can just as easily hold a webinar and your viewers just hear your voice and watch a slideshow as you explain it.

Q&A Sessions work well too as they are so easy to do, without a lot of planning involved before hand!  As long as you know your stuff, you’re good to go!

The important thing to remember about holding a webinar or Q&A Session is to ask people to register for the event, this way, you have their email address before you even start!

You may be wondering why didn’t mention Facebook Lives in this, and it’s for one simple reason – people don’t have to give you their email address to watch it.

Facebook Ads

When you’re looking for immediate growth to your email list and customer base, Facebook is the way to go.  With literally billions of users on Facebook, your clients are sure to be there!

facebook ad.JPG

Facebook ads are easy to set up once you get the hang of it, but they must be targeted correctly in order for them to work well.

I’ve created a step by step guide 'Facebook Ads Domination', that will take you through everything you need to know about Facebook Ads.

This system works for:

Facebook Ads Domination Course

This is no ordinary course!  

Inside this Facebook Ads Domination Course you're going to learn everything you need to know about Facebook Ads!

Included in this incredible course is:

  • 10 eBooks taking you through each stage of Facebook Ads
  • Accompanying checklist to keep you on track
  • Facebook Ads Resource CheatSheet
  • Mindmap - a 'birds eye view' of Facebook Ads
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    The Best Bit?

    With everything you have just accomplished in the last 4 days, you are already 50% there!!

    The even better bit? 

    If you’ve loved this 5-Day List Building Challenge, and have gotten value from it, you can register for my new course right now, and I’ll take you through the proven formula to turn your subscribers into paying customers! 

    Yep – you’ll be using everything you’ve already achieved in this challenge and adding just a few simple steps to get some paying customers!  It's the same proven formula that the top marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs all use!  

    Contests / Giveaways

    Everyone loves a great competition!  Who wouldn’t want to win a weekend break in Bruges, a spa day or free business coaching?

    Use a contest app like Rafflecopter to really boost your engagement and get shares, like, tweets and email addresses all in one go! 

    For an even bigger audience reach, you Facebook Ads here too!


    Have you heard of Quora?  It’s basically a site where people go to ask questions and other people give answers and solutions.  You can find questions on everything!  Business, golf, sports, cars, parenting, relationships….

    Use Quora to find questions related to your niche and answer in the comments!  You can also include links back to your website, blog and opt in forms too!


    1. Sign up to Quora now and have a little look around.  Put it in your diary to answers questions on there at least once per day.  Aim to spend 20-30 minutes there per day and watch your email list increase!
    2. Use your website analytics to find your most popular blog posts and create unique content upgrades for them.  Don’t just leave it there though, share your blog post again on social media and if it's an older one, to your current email list too!
    3. Create a Facebook Ad and promote your Incentive or blog post (which contains a content upgrade), if you need help with Facebook Ads, grab this course now, before the price goes up!
    4. Start planning your first Webinar or Q&A Session.  You don’t have to hold it right now, but start getting some ideas together and make a note of things you could talk about.
    5. Create a content or giveaway!

    Again, huge congratulations for completing this course!  

    You've accomplished so much!

    Let's recap:

    • You have set up an email service provider
    • Created a List for your subscribers to be added to
    • Created an Incentive to get new subscribers
    • Written your first Welcome Email & set it to send automatically to new subscribers
    • Learnt how to engage with your subscribers & start building trust
    • Created a Landing Page & Opt-in Form & linked it with your email List!
    • You have 12 places where you can add your opt-in form to get new subscribers
    • Your opt-in form is in at least 6 of these places!
    • You understand what makes a good email
    • You know when you should email your list
    • Have figured out how often you should send emails
    • Learnt what to write in your emails
    • Discovered the 7 Types of emails that pretty much guarantee they will be opened
    • You know what to write in your subject lines - what works and what doesn't!
    • Created content for the next month's email!
    • Learnt 5 ways to expand your audience and get more email subscribers!

    GO YOU!!

    Now, you're all done, I'd absolutely love to hear your feedback on this course! 

    If the 'How to Start & Grow Your Email List' Online Course has helped you in any way, can you let me know in the survey below?  I'd really love to hear your feedback!

    Now, keep using and practicing the methods you have learnt in this course, and continue to grow your email list!