Phew! So, Module 1 was pretty full on, right?  You’ll be happy to hear that the biggest chunk of starting your email list is already done and now that you’ve seen that writing an email inside your ESP is easier than you think, you can relax a bit!

Now you have somewhere to keep those email subscribers safe when you get them, a way to email them and an amazing incentive to get them on your list in the first place, it’s time to set up your email funnel.

Before you panic, an email funnel is a simple 3 step process – and you’ve already done two steps!

The Email Funnel

Step One:  Create an Incentive (which you’ve done!)

Step Two:  Create a Landing Page with Opt-in Form

Step Three:  Send a Welcome Email (which you’ve done!)


1.       Create Your Landing Page

A Landing Page, is simply a plain page on your website that converts your viewers into subscribers or customers. 

In our case, we want subscribers.  The Landing Page contains no other information – they won’t see your website menu, other pages or blog posts – it has just one function – to convince the viewer to click the button and subscribe!

  • If you signed up with Mail Chimp, you can create a Landing Page super easily within your dashboard! (yay!)
  • If you use WordPress you can get various plugins to create your Landing Page.  Here’s a free one!
  • Most website building platforms have their own versions too – here is one for WIX and I personally use Squarespace as my website is with them.  They are quick & easy to do by using ‘cover pages’.
  • Another option is to pay for LeadPages, (but it’s not cheap)

When building your landing page, remember the one and only function it has – to convince people to press the button and subscribe to your list.  That’s why all landing Pages (well the good ones!) are clear and simple in design – many with just one text box, an image and a button.

Name your Landing Page something relevant – for instance, I ran a 5-Day List Building Challenge.  The landing page for this was called

(don't worry about signing up for that challenge - all that information is included in this 'How to Start & Grow Your Email List'  Online Course!)

Note that if you are creating the landing page within your website platform, make sure it is not linked on your website menu!  It's kind of like a secret page - that only people directed there will see.

On your Landing Page, you’ll want to add a bright and interesting image, details on what your Incentive is (that you created yesterday) and your opt-in form.  You can usually chose whether to have a button where the form pops up like this:

opt-in form 1.JPG

Or the form can be embedded within the page, like this Derke Halpern has:

opt-in form 2.JPG

2.       Add your Opt-in Form

Tips for creating the perfect opt-in form

  • Keep it basic – you want it to be as fast as possible for the viewer to enter their information
  • Limit the fields – just first name and email address are fine.  Unless you are sending them a sample product in the post, you don’t need a surname or home address.

3.       Link the two!

Head over to your email service provider and click on the 'List' you created yesterday.  Find where it has the ‘share’ link, and copy the link provided.  Paste this link to your Landing Page button.  It will probably say something like ‘link this button to…’

That’s it!  You’re done for today!  Give me a high five!!

 54005744 - beautiful business woman is giving high five and smiling to man during business meeting at the restaurant

Let’s recap everything you have achieved so far:

  • Set up an email service provider
  • Created a List for your subscribers to be added to
  • Created an Incentive to get new subscribers
  • Written your first Welcome Email & set it to send automatically to new subscribers
  • Learnt how to engage with your subscribers & start building trust
  • Created a Landing Page & Opt-in Form & linked it with your email List!

Now, everyone who adds their name and address in your landing page will go straight on your email list and be sent their Welcome Email automatically!

If you already had an email list, landing page & opt-in form set up, then check over everything and see if there are any changes you can make to improve it.  In Module 3, we will start sharing your Incentive, so be ready!