Welcome to the 5-Day List Building Challenge!

I'm going to be upfront with you straight away - this is no ordinary challenge!

Each day is absolutely jam-packed with information, tips and there are Action Steps for you to complete!

Give yourself 1-2 hours per day and really focus on building and growing your email list.

If you do this, by the end of these 5 days, you will not only have an email list, but all of this too:

  • Set up an email service provider
  • Created a List for your subscribers to be added to
  • Created an Incentive to get new subscribers
  • Written your first Welcome Email & set it to send automatically to new subscribers
  • Learnt how to engage with your subscribers & start building trust
  • Created a Landing Page & Opt-in Form & linked it with your email List!
  • You'll have 12 places where you can add your opt-in form to get new subscribers
  • Your opt-in form will be in at least 6 of these places!
  • You'll understand what makes a good email
  • You'll know when you should email your list
  • Have figured out how often you should send emails
  • Learnt what to write in your emails
  • Discovered the 7 Types of emails that pretty much guarantee they will be opened
  • Know what to write in your subject lines - what works and what doesn't!
  • Created content for the next month's email!
  • Learnt 5 ways to expand your audience and get more email subscribers!

And yes - you really can accomplish all those things in just 5 days!

Are you up for the challenge?

psst... all that sound amazing but you found this page by accident?!  Don't panic!  Click here to sign up for the 5-Day List Building Challenge and join in!!