'Just Canva It!' Online Course

Module 3 - Canva Projects

In Module 3, we’re going to be using all the skills we’ve learned and start creating some beautiful designs in Canva!

Project 1:  Canva Love!

Let’s keep it super simple for your first design!  This project is designed to apply your skills in text, search and icon placement.

  1. Open a Facebook post template
  2. Type ‘Canva’ in the search bar
  3. Add the icon shown on the right to your template & scale to fit
  4. Add a text box and write your name!
  5. Change the font and size of your text, or use your brand fonts. Scale the text so it looks fab!
  6. If you like, add 1 or 2 other icons from the icons that appear to decorate your design
  7. Post your design in the Facebook group!

Project 2: Instagram post

In this project, we’re going to go a couple of steps further!  You’ll be applying your skills of uploading images, adding & editing text, design placement, sharing an image and boosting your online visibility with tagging and hashtagging in Instagram!

Just Canva It Facebook Group Image - Online Course (1).jpg
  1. Select an Instagram template
  2. On a blank template, change the background colour 
  3. Download & save the image on the right to your computer
  4. Upload the image to Canva & place in your design
  5. Copy & paste the following text into your design
  6. Change your font, font size and colour to contrast with your background
  7. Upload to Instagram using the hashtags #Canva #JustCanvaIt #CanvaCourse #LOVINGIT!
  8. Tag your post with @Nottonhouseacademy (follow me if you like!)

Project 3: Gorgeous Grids!

Next, you’re going to put into practice everything you have learned about Grids!

  1. Select a Facebook post template

  2. Insert a Grid (with as many images as you like)

  3. Add photos to the grid that match your company (ie. if you are a florist, you would choose flowers, a Virtual Assistant could add images of people, computers, etc)

  4. Change the Grid’s transparency to around 60-70%

  5. Add a shape element and place it in the center of the design. Be sure that the Grid is set to the back, and the shape in at the front

  6. Upload your logo (or choose it from your uploads if you have uploaded it previously) and place it in the centre of your shape.

  7. Download your design and share it in the Facebook Group for feedback!

  8. Once you’re happy with it, share it on your Facebook Page!


You have mastered the art of design in Canva!

I hope you enjoyed this course and can't wait to see your beautiful designs! #JustCanvaIt!!

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