'Just Canva It!' Online Course

Module 2, Segment 1 - Using Templates

In the second module, we're going to be learning about all the fantastic tools and resources Canva provides.

This module contains the bulk of this course!  So yep, it's a hefty one!

But don't worry, I've broken it all down into bite-sized chunks and each video training focuses on one specific area.

Module 2 has 7 segments,with a different number of lessons in each one.

Here's a visual overview, so it's easy to keep track of where you are:

Just Canva It Presentation Slides (10).jpg


Don't forget, if you have any questions, pop into the free community on Facebook and ask for help - I'm here to support you!

Lesson 1 - Canva Templates

Lesson 2 - Editing Templates

Lesson 3 - Sharing Templates

If you'd like more information on Canva's design sizes, check out this page.

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