'Just Canva It!' Online Course

Module 1 - Introduction to Canva

In this very first module, you'll discover the huge benefits of using Canva to create and design your images & graphics.  I'll talk you through the benefits of the free versus paid options and which is right for you.

You'll also master how to organise your designs in Canva, how to set up a beautiful and consistent brand identity, create your very own mood board and I'll walk you through the basic tools in the Canva workspace.

There are 6 video trainings in this module.  Watch all the videos in order - even if you think you may know the topic, as their are nuggets of gold in each one!

Once you have watched the 6 video trainings, go ahead and create your very own Brand Kit!

Don't forget, if you have any questions, pop into the free community on Facebook and ask for help - I'm here to support you!

Lesson 1 - Setting up Your Canva Account

Lesson 2 - Free v's Paid Accounts

Lesson 3 - Canva Organisation

Lesson 4 - The Canva Dashboard

Lesson 5 - Setting up Your Brand Kit

Lesson 6 - The Canva Creation Workspace


Now it's your turn!

  1. Visit canva.com and sign up for your account (if you don't have one already!). 
  2. Create your Brand Kit
  3. Take a screenshot of it. 
  4. Post the screenshot in the Just Canva It community!