Just Canva It!


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The Ultimate Online Canva Course for Entrepreneurs

'Just Canva It!' is the perfect online course for anyone looking to learn how to create and design in Canva.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you need to take this course!  Why?  Because Canva is the simplest, easiest and most cost efficient way to create and design all your images, graphics, presentations, charts, infographics, flyers and so much more.

Unlike some other Canva courses on the market, Just Canva It teaches you the step by step process to set up your account, organise your designs #likeaboss, plan and create the most beautiful graphics for your business.

Inside the Just Canva It online course, you will discover how to:

  • Set up your account and get to know the Canva platform
  • The difference between the free version of Canva & Canva for Work (the paid version) & which is right for your business
  • How to use Canva templates, layouts and designs to create beautiful graphics in minutes
  • The basics of typography and colour theory - so you can create a custom brand identity that attracts your target audience
  • Simple and easy techniques for adding images, elements, illustrations, icons & more
  • How to use & edit photos in Canva
  • How to batch produce multiple graphics for social media, website and printed marketing materials with the touch of a button!

...and much more!



Before We get started...

Here's a few tips to help you get the best from this course:

  • Use a computer or laptop as you work through this course
  • Have a pen & paper handy to jot down notes relevant to your business as they come up during the course!


Let's get started!