Why YOU Need a Custom 404 Page (& How to Make one That Doesn't SUCK)

Instead of frustrating your customers (in the event that there is a broken link somewhere when you missed fixing them), why not try to use the 404 page to help your customer find what they need?

Or better yet, to get a new lead!

A Christmas Gift for you!

Have you scheduled all your pre-Christmas blog posts?  Your emails? 

Have you sent Christmas cards to all your subscribers, loved ones and other businesses you work with?

Maybe you love Christmas Crafts or need something to keep the children amused over the holidays?

Or are you running a little behind schedule?!  Eek!

Worry no more, I have done all the legwork for you and put to together a HUGE collection of free images for you! 

Here Are 518 FREE images for you to download & use!

Let's talk POP-UP'S - The Pro's & Con's

The Pro's & Con's of Using Pop-Ups


  • They convert website visitors into email subscribers - which is the aim of your website!
  • Conversion statistics are really good - it works!
  • You can get free or paid versions which enable to you target specific users
  • The ROI (return on investment) is great 
  • They demand attention
  • You can create different pop-ups for different pages
  • You can customise the look and style of them so they fit your brand