7 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Let’s have a look at 7 of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make.  Are YOU making them?  Find out here!  Don’t worry if you are, I’ll also tell you how to fix them!

What is a Niche? (And How to Find One)

Niche marketing is defined as “the process of finding and serving small (but potentially profitable) market segments and designing custom-made products or services for them.”

So it’s all about finding your special place, and the products and services that fit.

Right from the start, you should understand that your goal in discovering a niche is to concentrate all your ideas and thoughts into the most precise, concise, and focused concept possible.

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5 Tips for Making Your Social Media Images POP!

Design.  Copy.  Calls to Action.  Photos.  There's a lot that goes into creating an image or graphic on Social Media and these are just a few of them!  In this post, I want to share with you 5 Tips for Making Your Social Media Images POP!

Making an image in Canva for social media is pretty easy once you understand the layout and tools.  Most people start off with a free Canva layout, change the text and maybe the background colour and you're done!

Keyword Research for Small Business Owners

The biggest problem people have with keywords is actually choosing them.

Most people choose far too broad keywords and spend countless hours optimising their site for these keywords – keywords they will most likely never get found for, so all in all a great big waste of time.

How to Promote Your Lead Magnet

You’ve written a killer lead magnet and you’re pretty darn happy right about now!

It’s everything a lead magnet should be, filled with value to delight your dream client, it’s short and sweet and solves a problem.

But now what?

Well next on your to do list is to drive traffic to your lead magnet so you can start growing your email list!

What is a Lead Magnet & Why Do I Need one?

A Lead Magnet is one thing that every single business needs to have - if they don't they are missing out BIG TIME!  Let's delve deeper into what a Lead Magnet is and why you should have one!

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GDPR - Are YOU Ready? Read this to find out!

Today I have something for you that is on everyone's mind - it's all about GDPR!

If you think it doesn't apply to you - I'm sorry to say you are WRONG!

What will I happen if I don’t do anything about GDPR?

Potentially there are fines, and they are not small. Up to 4% of your global turnover or £20 million whichever is the highest. Most of us don’t have that sort of turnover but suffice it to say there is an impact.

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