11 Effective (& free) Ways to Get More Clients in 2019

“How can I get more clients?” is a question I’m often asked by entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Today, I’m going to share with you 10 Ways to Get More Clients (& Keep Them Coming!) as well as the biggest mistake that I see entrepreneurs and small biz owners making with their lead generation.

Will Writing a Book Get Me More Clients?

I have to admit, writing a book has been on my radar for quite some time. In fact, all through my life, I’ve written stories and started various fiction and non-fiction books, purely because I love writing and have so much to say!

But writing a book for my business, as a way to generate more visibility and be able to reach and help thousands of more entrepreneurs, - that is something that I AM going to do - and finish!

Today I’m honoured to bring you a fabulous guest blog post by Publishing Consultant & Coach, Jessica Kingsley!

The 7 Proven Pillars of a Successful Business

You started your own business because you want to have a different lifestyle.  You want time and money to spend with your family and loved ones. Like many people, you want to do something you’re passionate about and make a difference in the world.

To do this, you need to have the financial freedom and flexibility to choose your own hours.

You don’t want to be chained to a desk or stuck in the corporate rat race!

Imagine walking up in the morning with 1000’s of new customers, more money in your bank account and connections all over the world!  

13 Ways to Validate Your Online Course Idea

I’m going to kick things off with a little tough love: There is no point in spending your time, and energy creating an online course that nobody wants!

So many people make this mistake!

If you want to sell your online course, you need an audience who is ready and waiting to buy it!

This means you must do one of two things:

  1. Create a content that your audience wants OR

  2. Get a new audience!

There is no getting around it!

Obviously, the easiest way is to create a course that your current audience wants!

Content Marketing Made Easy - The Simple Step by Step Guide

Content Marketing involves creating and sharing online material, such as blog posts, videos, vlog, images, infographics and podcasts. 

It's intended to attract attention and peak the interest of your target audience.  Content Marketing aims to generate leads, expand your database, create sales and build trust.

If you're in business for the long term (and why wouldn't you be?!) then you MUST HAVE a content marketing strategy.

Facebook Engagement Strategies to Get More Customers

Ever since their last big algorithm change in January 2018, where Mark Zuckerberg put a huge emphasis on bringing people together and focusing on friends, family and groups, businesses have suffered.

In this post, I’m going to share the latest strategies to boost your Facebook Page engagement - strategies that are working, right now!

7 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Let’s have a look at 7 of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make.  Are YOU making them?  Find out here!  Don’t worry if you are, I’ll also tell you how to fix them!

Why We Fear To Sell (& How You Can Overcome It)

What Is Fear?

One great definition I have heard is that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

That really sums up what fear is - our mind has gathered all this evidence to back up our inner doubts.

This evidence is usually false but to our conscious mind it appears real and so translates into fear!

At the end of the day, our fears are just thoughts and that's it!

Free Online Business Training Course

Here's what's included in this FREE online business course:

  • Expose the blocks that are holding you back and find out how to let go of FEAR

  • Understand how to invest in yourself and become GOAL-DRIVEN - and why it matters

  • Discover how to get the most of out networking in Facebook Groups

  • How to GROW your network to reach more clients & customers

  • Find out what you should have on your Facebook Profile to ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS to your business

  • …….

5 Branding Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Ok, so we've been talking a lot about branding and design lately and there have been a few things that have come up a couple of times!  So in this post, I want to straight up tell you about 5 of the biggest branding mistakes that entrepreneurs make when creating images or graphics for social media.

Are you ready?