How to Balance Being an Entrepreneur and a Mum

When you’re an entrepreneur, especially in the first stages of just starting your own business, your time seems to be your most stretched resource.

Many people choose to have a ‘side hustle’ which they want to develop into a business, all while maintaining a full-time job and having to juggle the demands of home and family life, and it seems to achieve everything you must never sleep or spend any time for yourself!

Finding the time to invest in your business just as much as your family is hard, and the pressures of both don’t let up the larger your business grows.

How to Automate Your Business {Guest Post}

Today’s Guest Post is from entrepreneur Angela De Souza! Angela tells her story of how she came back to finding her passion in her business, through automating key tasks and focusing on what she loves!

If you’re looking at ways to automate your business, read on as Angela has some great tips for you too!

What is a Niche? (And How to Find One)

Niche marketing is defined as “the process of finding and serving small (but potentially profitable) market segments and designing custom-made products or services for them.”

So it’s all about finding your special place, and the products and services that fit.

Right from the start, you should understand that your goal in discovering a niche is to concentrate all your ideas and thoughts into the most precise, concise, and focused concept possible.

GDPR - Are YOU Ready? Read this to find out!

Today I have something for you that is on everyone's mind - it's all about GDPR!

If you think it doesn't apply to you - I'm sorry to say you are WRONG!

What will I happen if I don’t do anything about GDPR?

Potentially there are fines, and they are not small. Up to 4% of your global turnover or £20 million whichever is the highest. Most of us don’t have that sort of turnover but suffice it to say there is an impact.

Googling Your Name is Money in Your Pocket

Have you Googled yourself recently?  I read an article recently about a business that was nowhere to be seen when you Googled their name.  This was a huge problem since they were 100% referral and many people searched for their company name on the Internet to find their website.

It took two months for them to start showing up, but when they did, it was a HUGE money maker for them.  Potential customers who had been referred were finally able to find them!

Style Tips for Busy Women! {Guest Post}

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to juggle being a successful woman in the corporate world with trying to look good and maintain an up-to-date style?

It’s no secret that your image affects people’s perception of you. It’s also common knowledge that your image affects the way you feel about yourself – when you look good, you feel good. However, as a career woman, you’re most likely struggling to find the time to put your energy into your image.

How to Create Actionable Goals

‘Updating your website’ or even just your About Me page can seem like a huge task, requiring lots of effort, time and knowledge; but spending 10 minutes writing your bio and explaining how you can help others is much easier to accomplish.

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