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How to Promote Your Lead Magnet

You’ve written a killer lead magnet and you’re pretty darn happy right about now!

It’s everything a lead magnet should be, filled with value to delight your dream client, it’s short and sweet and solves a problem.

But now what?

Well next on your to do list is to drive traffic to your lead magnet so you can start growing your email list!

What is a Lead Magnet & Why Do I Need one?

A Lead Magnet is one thing that every single business needs to have - if they don't they are missing out BIG TIME!  Let's delve deeper into what a Lead Magnet is and why you should have one!

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High Converting Headlines - 4 Tips on How to Write Killer Headlines

When it comes down to the art of marketing, a high converting headline can entirely make or break your campaign.

More than ever before, the world is getting more competitive by the day, and it is up to the discerning business owner to come up with ingenious ways of staying at the top of his or her game.

The best way to do this is through funnelling more sales with the aid of a solid converting headline, that will engage even the most sceptical individuals into regular, loyal customers!

Your headline is one of the most important parts of your sales copy, whether this is online in a sales page or landing page, your email subject line or even in traditional marketing like flyers and brochures.

There are numerous ideas of how to write high-converting and persuasive sales headlines!  Bust the best ones all have these four tips in common:

How to Write High Converting Sales Headlines

1. Promises (albeit indirectly), that the reader / user is going to benefit immensely from the product or service.

2. A good converting headline that can easily skyrocket your sales should prove that you are actually selling what you are promoting, producing or offering. This helps the reader know that they can purchase and start using your product as soon as the next minute.

3. It is really important to paint a clear picture of the benefits of taking up your product or enrolling in your service.

4. Your headline needs to convey a sense of urgency or an element of it that your customers must act now, or as soon as possible. Make them feel that they have been missing out on a lot and right now is the best opportunity to fix this!

So, How Can You Write High Converting Headlines Easily?

One tool I absolutely love is Headlinr (yep, spelt without the 'e'!)

Once you've purchased it, it's yours forever, so no ongoing monthly fees to pay!  It comes as a handy little Chrome extension for your web browser so it's there whenever you need some inspiration!

Even better yet, you can use it for your blog titles, email subject lines, YouTube / Vimeo titles, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon headlines and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Create high converting headlines for your blog posts!

Create high converting headlines for your blog posts!

Use  Headlinr  for your Facebook or Google Advertising!

Use Headlinr for your Facebook or Google Advertising!

The bottom line is that it takes a skilful use of persuasive language, careful choice of words, and thoughtfulness to create a highly converting sales headline. 

Instead of paying a copywriter hundreds or thousands of pounds to create your sales headlines, why not try Headlinr?  I've got the Professional Team option which gives you automatic updates, new headlines and you can even add your own too!  Plus, it's currently on sale at only $37 (so that's around £25 to you and me!).  Awesome or what?!

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