5 SEO Myths in 2018

As a small business owner, you have heard all about SEO, right?  But have you heard about the SEO myths that are floating around the internet?

Today, I want to share with you 5 SEO myths which you may have heard - and explain why they are exactly that - myths!

In order to have a good online presence nowadays, you have to understand SEO.  Even just knowing the basics can you put miles above your competitors.

It can be hard to understand what the difference are between different SEO strategies, especially for start up companies or small business owners so earlier this month I held an online webinar in my Facebook Group!  It was completely awesome and thank you to everyone who came along and joined in!

Off the back of the webinar, I got to thinking about the SEO stories we are told, and how we should which are myths and which are honest SEO strategies and tactics that we should be using as businesses owners in 2018.

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Learn the Simple SEO Tips I used to triple my website traffic in just 30 days!

Let’s look at some of the myths behind successful SEO for businesses in 2018.

1.  Link building is DEAD

This myth can be found everywhere today, and primarily stems from Google’s attempt to stop unnatural links.  Whats search engines don't want, is a website or page full of links to other sites for no reason.  And you don't want to be one of these sites that is linked from it either.

However, there is nothing wrong with posting valuable content in the form of guest posts!  Guests posting is great for many reason - it does create backlinks - which we do still need - and also places you as an authority figure in your industry

 Should I have a Google+ Page for my Business?

Should I have a Google+ Page for my Business?

2.  I don't need a Google+ Business Page

Complete myth, I'm afraid!  If you are a local business especially, it's imperative that you unlock, verify and optimise your Google+ Business Page!

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Learn the Simple SEO Tips I used to triple my website traffic in just 30 days!

3.  Social Media doesn't help with SEO

Social media or social search is huge in 2018 - and expected to continue growing.   

Social media creates natural backlinks when users on sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, share your site and information with others.  The key is to post consistently, post value driven content and stay active in conversations.

Although these links aren't a direct factor in Google rank, it is still exposure to your website or blog - and that is important.

 Do I need a secure website?

Do I need a secure website?

4.  Site Security Doesn't help SEO Rankings

Google is placing more and more emphasis on web security (as it should be!) so having a secure website is important for your rankings.

Some web browsers already alert the user if they are visiting a site that isn't secure and you don't want yours to be one of them!

To find out if your website is secure, check your URL and see if you have the https:// or http://.  You should be seeing this: https://

5.  Mobile is the Same as Desktop

Probably the biggest SEO myth of them all!

The majority of searches completed on a mobile device, are performed for local services and products, so this is especially important if you are a local business.  On top of this, voice search is becoming even more popular and Google will penalise you if you don't have a fully optimised mobile website!

Put simply, if you have not considered a mobile platform for your business, you should do it - like now!


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