Ian Holloway: ‘Managing Grimsby makes me feel like Mary Poppins’

Ian Holloway has led Grimsby to wins against Salford and Mansfield since being appointed manager at the end of last year. Photograph: Ryan Crockett/JMP/Shutterstock

The 56-year-old is typically enthused with life at the League Two club and has already restored a feelgood factor there

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Come on, that’s what life is about,” says Ian Holloway, halfway through explaining how he feels like Mary Poppins after being parachuted in at Grimsby Town, returning to management after 18 months away and with the classic movie still fresh in his mind having watched it over Christmas together with his grandchildren.

“The old one with Julie Andrews abreast of the chimneys, not the new one – the new one is crap,” he hastily clarifies. “She blew in when needed and that i desire I’ve blown in when Grimsby need me. Hopefully it’ll be an excellent situation. once they have a cup of tea with the old man [Uncle Albert], who laughs such a lot all of them find yourself on the ceiling – that’s my favourite bit. i would like to enjoy my life in order that I’m abreast of the ceiling.”

The 56-year-old has signed an initial two-year contract as manager but has also become a director at the League Two club after investing £100,000 in shares, which he believes underlines his commitment to what he views as an exciting long-term project.

“I’m not mad, i’m investing within the people of Grimsby because they lost their livelihoods a couple of years ago and that i want to offer them pride in their football club,” says Holloway. “I’ll decide whether I stay or go; I’ll be a part of that call . i would like to form this place a far better place and that i want the fans to trust me because i would like to maneuver the club forward. If I do and once we get a replacement ground, my investment are going to be very shrewd. If I don’t, a minimum of i will be able to have had long enough to undertake and make a change and have a positive effect. tons of managers don’t get that and it’s getting ridiculous. How can [Pep] Guardiola be questioned now? The man’s a genius. It doesn’t add up . What are we living in? But during this world of football madness, i’m totally sane

In some ways Holloway’s arrival was an extended time within the making given he held talks with Grimsby before taking charge of Blackpool in 2009. But this point the interview process culminated during a four-hour conversation with the bulk shareholder John Fenty during a fish and chip restaurant on Cleethorpes pier. On Monday Holloway left his home near Chippenham before 5am to urge to training on time (allowing for repairs to a slow puncture en route), but he has since found a house in Lincolnshire for him, his wife, Kim, and their dogs, Dougal, Ted, Milo and Ernie, to maneuver into at the top of the month. agen judi bola online judibolaterbaik.co

That afternoon Holloway also made his first signing, and later that night he fell asleep watching Arsenal against Leeds. Holloway has managed almost 1,000 games and was interviewed for the Swansea job last summer but, despite his uncurbed enthusiasm for the sport , he admits he considered calling it each day . “I’m far too young to retire, but i used to be brooding about it,” he says. “I know there’ll be each day where I’ll be past my date but it ain’t now, because i would like to try to to it an excessive amount of . to face thereon line and listen to what some people say, you’d think we [managers] are mad sometimes. It doesn’t matter the ship I’m on or how big the waves are, I’m on another journey and it’s fantastic.”